Fantasy lizard people where the females don’t have breasts they just figured out that bras are perfect for holding heat packs.

Fantasy lizard people where the males figured this out too and can’t understand why humans keep mistaking them for females because obviously they have five brow spikes not six like females do??

I have a dire need for this.


I tried

omg it’s so cute

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Ten questions to ask a friend who just read your novel


Found this article. Found it incredibly helpful. Be sure to go read the full story, but these are the ten questions the author (Lydia Netzer) covers in it:

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wait so do people at hogwarts sext via owl

Oh Grod, Howlers :D

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alright im posting this on here cuz itll get more notes

reblog before february and i’ll doodle a magical girl based off your blog. i’ll tag you when i post it. even if it takes months, i’ll get to you.

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